WELCOME to Binham Travels

About Us

Binham Travel Services is one of the largest & mostdistinguished service agency working day in and day out in the sacred land for the convenience of Pilgrims so they can comfortably perform their Islamic rituals and obligations.

We are proud to let the pilgrims know that the services of Binham Travel Services are of the highest calibre and we render a plethora of benefits, incentives and compensations to our Hajj, Umrah, & Tourist customers.

Binham Travel Services is operated by qualified professionals possessing expertise and reputed capabilities in the fields of UMRAH, HAJJ,TOURISM, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING, and INFORMATION technologies.
Binham Travel Services is supervised by Professional Executives with long and rich experience of the “Travel & Tours Industry”. Their aim is to provide the most “Professional Services” to the pilgrims, catering all categories of affordability & luxuries, according to the budget of each family or group of pilgrims.

We look forward to provide more and more best services in HAJJ & UMRAH 2000-2011